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Love What You Do. Build What’s Next.

At Wood Partners, we are a caring team committed to growing and learning together. We believe an energetic and collaborative culture makes a difference in how employees approach work. Everything we do for our employees, residents and partners is designed around our core purpose — improving people’s lives by creating better communities.

Our Mission & Purpose

At Wood Partners, our mission and purpose is to create distinctive communities of lasting value and to improve people’s lives by creating better communities.

Growth through learning icon in white

Growth Through Learning

We invest in our people, focus on their development and create opportunities for them to reach their highest potential. At Wood Partners, we are committed to creating an  environment where our employees are inspired by their colleagues and are encouraged to invest in themselves and their future.

Fulfillment Through Balance icon in White

Fulfillment Through Balance

There’s life at work and life outside of work. Employees are at their best and most productive when there is balance between their careers, families, and lives outside of work.

Success Through Collaboration icon in White

Success Through Collaboration

We know great things happen when great people work together. At Wood Partners, our open communication fosters highly collaborative and motivated teams. Each employee is empowered to take ownership in making meaningful business decisions every day and their contributions are recognized and valued.

Co-workers hold up a large banner with Wood Partners logo
Construction workers eating pizza from pizza boxes at construction site
Construction workers eat lunch together at picnic tables underneath a wooden awning
People playing cornhole on astroturf inside of decorated building used for cornhole tournament
Group of co-workers standing in front of an airplane on a tarmac
Men preparing boxes of food at a local food bank in a warehouse

Our Core Values

Solid values produce a strong culture. A strong culture develops inspiring stories. Inspiring stories build connections and relationships. Connections and relationships shape our legacy and determine our future.
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We always do the right thing… valuing relationships.
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We are entrepreneurial, not corporate.

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We make it work, and work well… through teamwork.
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Family Environment

We are a family… balanced, caring, and fun.

Wood Partners proudly supports Habitat for Humanity

Wood Partners works in partnership with Habitat for Humanity International to support long-term stability for families through safe, affordable, and resilient housing. Each year our associates across the country have an opportunity to volunteer at a team build, improving people’s lives by creating better communities in a very tangible way.

Employee Testimonials

Wood Partners employee Rebecca Wiley

Rebecca Wiley

Accounting Manager

Success is rewarded at Wood Partners when you are encouraged to take on more challenging work that pushes you out of your comfort zone. This takes your confidence to a new level.
Wood Partners employee Doreen Moran

Doreen Moran

Office Manager

I stay with Wood Partners because they are my family – these are my people.

Wood Partners employee Tyler Hurd

Tyler Hurd

Managing Director of Development

My advice to someone just starting at Wood Partners is to work hard, seek to learn as much as you can, and all the opportunities and growth you could ever want will come your way. Wood Partners has exceeded all other companies in terms of hard work being rewarded with career growth. It’s not just about putting your head down and working, it’s about learning and becoming a better person and employee.
Jared Morrow headshot

Jared Morrow

Asset Manager

I believe Wood Partners culture is unique in that my input is valued and considered, no matter the stakeholder involved.
Tom Timmons headshot

Tom Timmons

Senior Superintendent

The family environment at Wood Partners is great. The people I work with are folks I’d like to hang out with anyway – just good people. They’re genuinely interested in your life, ask about your kids, etc. Caitlin (developer in this area) and I always chat about our families together.

Steve Ungerleider headshot

Steve Ungerleider

Project Manager

The top three qualities people need to be successful at Wood Partners are the ability to listen, learn, and adapt to how we do things. Communication – you must know your audience and be able to develop relationships and communicate at different levels. Positive attitude – it’s easy to get overwhelmed with all the stuff that goes on during a project and you have to stay positive.
Jill Blackson headshot

Jill Blackson

Project Manager

I have continued working for Wood Partners because of great coworkers and teamwork. I feel a great sense of community here and the benefits are great.

Mason McCune

Project Manager

Wood Partners does a really good job balancing work and family. The company values it’s employees and genuinely shows an interest. The Dallas office exhibits an environment where you interact with everyone as if you’re all on the same team with a single goal (complete the job and move to the next one). Coming to work doesn’t just feel like you’re going to a “job”.  A work atmosphere where you’re valued as an individual goes a long way. At the end of the day you’re not just an employee at Wood Partners, you’re a part of a family.

Adam Guild

Senior Project Manager

I believe that everyone works for the “good” on seeing Wood Partners succeed on all projects. I have found that most, if not all, Wood employees take their positions seriously and are accountable for their responsibilities while having fun and trying to make a positive work environment.

Ethan Pell

Business Intelligence Analyst

Everyone here is extremely friendly and will lend a helping hand without a second thought. We all strive to make ourselves and each other be the best that we can be while still producing quality results.

Chintan Patel

Senior Project Manager

Wood Partners employs an open and inclusive culture where employees can comfortably share their ideas and thoughts.

Tanner Stallings

Project Manager

Working with Wood Partners on my first deal was one of the first positive interactions I had with a development team. Seeing the Company’s core values portrayed through that team really opened my eyes to the opportunities available to work with a top tier builder/developer.

Our Perks & Offerings

We are committed to offering best in class benefits. We thoughtfully support our associates’ pursuit of physical, mental, and financial wellbeing. Our extensive and unique benefit offerings are an indication of our dedication to being there for our associates in times of triumph and tribulation.

Platinum Medical Plan icon in white

Platinum Medical Plan Options

We offer associates the choice between an open-access medical plan and a High Deductible Health Plan to best fit their medical needs. Both plans provide an extensive network of providers using one of the nation’s top four medical insurance companies. Our open-access medical plan ensures limited out of pocket expenses beyond the deductible.

Personal Time Off icon in white

Generous Holiday/PTO Offerings

All work and no play leads to burnout. Our associates have substantial paid time off work through our extensive holiday calendar and PTO offerings. We encourage our associates to take time away from work to rejuvenate themselves. We find that after time off, we bring a renewed energy and focus to our work responsibilities.
401k icon in white

401(K) Savings Plan

Our hope is that our associates’ lives will continue to flourish through retirement. Making financial preparations for that life stage is a critical component of retirement wellbeing. We offer a 401(k) savings plan with traditional and Roth investment options. Our company matches associates’ contributions up to 4% of associates’ pay.

Careers at Wood Partners


WREI-N • Atlanta, GA • Wood Partners
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Asst Project Manager

Central Florida OH • Tampa, FL • Wood Partners
ASSISTANT PROJECT MANAGER The Assistant Project Manager (APM) assists the Project Manager in planning, execution, delivery, close out and the overall success of a specific project from start through…

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