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  • Construction workers walk towards a construction site.
  • Two men in hard hats working on construction site talking and smiling.
  • Two men and one woman in hard hats and construction vests reviewing blueprints

Substantial Experience


Wood Partners is one of the largest multifamily contractors in the United States.  We have been a general contractor for more than 25 years, leading to substantial experience with each of the construction types and a long-tenured team who have developed the best practices on which our construction business is run.  Through our competence in building traditional garden-style apartments, modern mid-rise projects and high-rise buildings, we have demonstrated our ability to deliver exceptional results across these diverse segments of the market.

The owner-contractor model ensures extensive cross-disciplinary coordination for successful project completion.  Our construction business is built on the success of our development business and vice versa.  We find the design and pricing process to be collaborative, construction execution to be adaptable and accountability to be exceptional as a result of self-performing construction. 

Two men in construction uniforms smile and shake hands
A construction team reviews blueprints together in a small room
Group of construction workers review a set of plans on a table.
Two construction workers stand in front of a large bulldozer at a construction site.
Group of construction workers look up a giant red crane structure
Aerial view of construction team looking at a set of blueprints
Trio of construction workers look at building plans.
Brown hard hat on top of Wood Partners construction vest

Shared Success

Collaborative Approach

Wood Partners is a vertically integrated multifamily developer, contractor and owner. This creates alignment of goals between the contractor and the project owner. Vertical integration makes collaboration a natural part of our construction process throughout each project. Our preconstruction team begins working with our development team and design consultants from the initial project conception. Our preconstruction group ensures that the project design, schedule and budget are achievable within the parameters of the initial conceptual budget. This effort sets each project and project team up for success, resulting in high-quality product delivered on time and on budget.

We have an extensive subcontractor base in each market where we do business. This enables us to price jobs efficiently and deliver predictable results. Like our capital partners, our subcontractors are often anxious to do repeat business with us because we are known for making timely payments, ensuring safe worksites and treating subcontractors fairly. Even during market cycles with high construction volume, our subcontractors prioritize their capacity for our projects. We see our subcontractors of an extension of our in-house construction team, recognizing that when they achieve success on our projects, so do we.

When we run into unexpected challenges on a project, we work collaboratively across construction, development and property management to find a workable solution rather than placing blame. We believe that working together toward shared success is the most productive way out of difficult situations. We are disciplined about evaluating lessons learned after project completion and incorporating those lessons into our practices moving forward.

Back of construction workers in hard hats walking single file through a construction site

Reliable Expertise

Wood Partners construction has a proven track record of upholding our word to our employees, subcontractors and capital partners. We do the right thing. Our company was founded on this commitment, and we continue to uphold it today. When problems arise, we focus on developing effective solutions rather than avoiding responsibility for the problem. Doing business with Wood Partners’ construction team guarantees a comprehensive and versatile experience. Our business partners can rely on our expertise in various types of multifamily construction, our ability to navigate challenging infill locations, our familiarity with repeatable, attainably-priced construction, our commitment to quality craftsmanship, and our dedication to timely completion within budget.